5 reasons the dumbbell workout is the best for building muscles

In this article we will go over what we believe are the Top Reasons Why the Dumbbell Workout is the Best Workout… for ANY level. A Dumbbell Workout will leave you more elbow room Unless you plan on investing in a wide assortment of dumbbells of all weights and sizes, these mini muscle builders generally […]

Hitting the dumbbells is like hitting new booty!

Because of all that versatility, your best bet for seeing consistent results from exercise—for life—starts with investing in dumbbells. Do you remember the first time you ever did something that required your undivided attention—like the day you couldn’t wait to learn how to drive, for example? Or every time you get new booty? Do you […]

Resolution to the Issue of Fat-Burning

We now have to address the notion that a muscle isn’t able to readily burn fat, preferring instead to burn carbohydrates. This, of course, is still the contention of J. P. Flatt and of most scientists. It’s also the basis of the argument against the high-fat diet and the basis for supporting the high-carbohydrate diet. […]

Metabolic Adaptations at the Cellular and Whole Body Level

During the 1950’s, scientific research on the biochemical mechanisms dictating fuel use confirmed that the elimination of carbohydrate from the diet in a rat for only a few days led to a loss in the ability of its liver to convert carbohydrate (glucose) into fat. The rate of fat-making from carbohydrate depends upon the quantity […]

Burning Calories. Discover how we get it? How do we use it?

Since everyone is still arguing about how our bodies are Burning Calories… Here is some science. As the 1970’s unfolded, it was still commonly thought that carbohydrates (in the form of blood glucose and its tissue storage form, glycogen) were the preferred energy sources for working muscles in man. I say commonly thought because evidence […]