In this article we will go over what we believe are the Top Reasons Why the Dumbbell Workout is the Best Workout… for ANY level.

A Dumbbell Workout will leave you more elbow room

Unless you plan on investing in a wide assortment of dumbbells of all weights and sizes, these mini muscle builders generally take up far less space in your house than your average home gym.

If even that sounds too cumbersome, you can also opt for a pair of adjustable dumbbells that let you add or remove weight plates to create whatever load you need.

There are also more space-friendly models—called selectorized adjustable dumbbells—that can reduce the amount of space an entire set of dumbbells normally takes up.

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These types of dumbbells keep all of the weight plates in one convenient spot—usually on a sturdy rack—with each plate resting inside the other like a stack of cups.

These fancier models let you add as much or as little weight as you need with just a change of a pin, a turn of a dial, or a press of a button (depending on which type of selectorized dumbbell set you buy).

I’ll explain the differences among all three styles of Dumbbell Workout equipment later, but regardless of which type works best for you, all three are great bets if you like your home exercise convenient when you’re doing it—and out of plain sight when you’re not.

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The Dumbbell Workout gives your arms their independence

In a world where most things these days do not feel free….. At least your arms can be!

Most of the exercise machines you’ll find in gyms and health clubs require you to use both hands to push or pull a weight this way or that way. Even a barbell still requires you to use both hands for nearly every exercise you can do with it.

Dumbbell workouts give your arms independence to move ​
Dumbbell workouts give your arms independence to move

But how often do you ask your arms to perform the same task at the same time? Maybe that’s the case when you pick up a box, for example, but there are virtually millions of daily tasks—grabbing a suitcase, throwing a ball, holding a child, pulling on a stuck door, etc.—that have you using one arm instead of two.

That’s what makes almost any Dumbbell Workout ideal for strengthening your body in the same way that you use it all day long.

Lifting dumbbells allows you to do what experts call “unilateral” training. In layman’s terms, it’s when you train one limb (an arm or a leg) at a time.

Not only does this allow you to train your muscles in the way you typically use them throughout the day, but it also helps make up for any imbalances you may already have. You see, most people have one arm—and one leg—that’s stronger than the other.

That may not mean much to you, but it means a world of difference to your body. That’s because your muscles develop and grow to their fullest potential onlywhen they’re pushed beyond the stresses that they’re used to.

Using machines and barbells—which force you to use both arms at the same time—can rob your weaker arm of results by having your stronger arm do more of the work when you exercise.

Conversely, your stronger arm can also get cheated out of results, especially if your weaker arm tires out first as you exercise.

Because machine and barbell exercises require you to use both hands, your stronger arm never gets pushed hard enough to evoke as many muscle-building changes, leaving it less developed than it could be.

This effect doesn’t just pertain to arm exercises but all upper-body exercises because you need your arms to train your back, chest, and shoulders.

Dumbbells allow each arm to work independently—when one arm gets too tired, the other can usually keep going, depending on the exercise.

A solid Dumbbell Workout will improve your overall balance

Sitting nice and comfortably in a gym exercise machine may help you focus on nothing but the muscles you’re looking to train when you use it, but it doesn’t teach those same muscles to work with the rest of your body the way working out with dumbbells does.

Yet another advantage to using a pair of dumbbells to pull off the same exercises instead.

Working out with dumbbells—especially when you work one arm or one leg at a time—overloads your proprioceptive muscles as they try to keep your body stable during many commonly unstable exercises.

This leaves them working just as hard as the muscles you’re trying to reshape and rebuild, improving your sense of balance and coordination naturally as a side benefit.

This “extra effort” your body has to exert using dumbbells is the main reason why you can never seem to lift as much weight using two dumbbells as you can when using a barbell or a machine.

Dumbbell workouts help with learning balance​
Dumbbell workouts help with learning balance

But don’t worry, because it doesn’t matter how much weight you lift to exhaust your muscles; the point is to exhaust them so they respond in turn by improving themselves—either by getting stronger, bigger, leaner, etc.

A great Dumbbell Workout is equally effective at accomplishing that goal, with better balance being another perk that indirectly comes along for the ride.

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The Dumbbell Workout offers you safer workout

Some people believe that dumbbells are the most unsafe piece of equipment for lifting, and that expensive gym machines and barbells are easier to handle and can be grabbed at a moment’s notice by a spotter.

However, the truth is dumbbells can be far safer for you for several reasons.

As I mentioned, while you can’t use as much weight when using dumbbells compared to doing the same exercise on a machine or with a barbell, your body still sees the same muscle-building results.

From a safety standpoint, not having to use as much weight to exhaust your muscles means less wear and tear on your body, especially for your joints and your spine.

Machines and barbells also limit your body’s range of motion by forcing you to push or pull along a specific pathway.

For example, if you sat down at a machine, grabbed a pair of handles by your shoulders, and pressed them upward, your muscles would have to move the weight in the exact direction the handles require you to move them.

Sit down and grab a barbell and you have a little bit more flexibility to adjust yourself by either moving your arms an inch or two either backward or forward as you press the weight up.

However, your hands still stay spaced the same distance from each other as you press and lower the barbell.

The problem with limiting your range of motion is that it causes your muscles and joints to work the same way over and over again.

This can make them more susceptible to repetitive-use injuries—nagging chronic issues caused by overusing certain parts of your body, especially the joints, for an extended period of time.

Additionally, the angle of these kinds of exercises may not be one where your body works its best.

With dumbbells, you are able to adjust each arm individually, letting you bring the weights forward or backward and closer in or farther apart.

This allows you to naturally align your arms as you raise and lower the weight. It also slightly changes where they are positioned each and every time you lift them, minimizing the amount of wear and tear on your joints.

Finally, dumbbells let you push your muscles to the limit without worrying if there’s a spotter around to rescue you from a barbell that’s too heavy for you.

Doing shoulder presses, bench presses, squats, and the other exercises you’ll find in this book using a barbell can be tricky, especially if you find yourself too tired to complete a repetition.

But with dumbbells, there are no bars to get trapped under. So long as you have a floor that can handle the shock, it’s easy enough to drop the weights if you find yourself too exhausted to control the weights properly.

You can use a Dumbbell Workout no-matter what your size is

As fancy as many gym exercise machines may be, most of them—as I just mentioned—force you to work within a specific range of motion.

However, many of them also force you to grab handles or lie down and adjust footpads and backrests that may or may not be the right width for your body type.

What many people don’t know is that most machines are built to accommodate the average-size person. But if you’re either above or below average height, your arms or legs are longer or shorter than average, or your shoulders are wider or more narrow than average, you’re at a biomechanical disadvantage when you work out on any machine that doesn’t accommodate you.

If you’ve ever used a machine that “just didn’t feel as comfortable as it should have,” odds are your range of motion was restricted because of your body type.

Even though most machines have adjustable seats, arm pads, and lever arms that aim to make them more comfortable to use, there are still limits to their range, and some may not fit the very small or very large person.

With a great Dumbbell Workout, your size doesn’t matter because they allow you to work within your own natural range of motion with every single exercise.

Thanks for reading our Dumbbell Workout article…. Don’t be a DUMMY in the gym!

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