Because of all that versatility, your best bet for seeing consistent results from exercise—for life—starts with investing in dumbbells. Do you remember the first time you ever did something that required your undivided attention—like the day you couldn’t wait to learn how to drive, for example? Or every time you get new booty? Do you also remember how difficult it was when you first got behind the wheel, or under the sheets? Every part of your body felt like it was on edge as you tried to focus on everything—your “driving”, your surroundings, the road, etc.—all at once!

After a while, the excitement of driving suddenly disappeared, didn’t it? After doing it over and over again, it suddenly became easier and easier to do without your ever realizing it. You probably drive so instinctively now that you barely devote one-tenth as much attention to it as you did on that very first day. That is exactly how your muscles react when they are given the same exercises to do every single workout.

Exercise physiologists, strength coaches, and other exercise experts all agree that your muscles adapt to an exercise quickly—usually within performing the exercise four to six times. After that, they get bored and quickly learn how to do that exercise using less effort, less energy, and fewer muscle fibers.

The unfortunate outcome: You stop seeing results, no matter how long you keep exercising—weeks, months, even years. That’s the reason why most people hit a peak where, all of a sudden, their bodies stop improving like they once did when they first started an exercise program.

Even the slightest change to an exercise can make a huge difference that reminds your muscles to pay attention. Most home exercise machines allow you to do anywhere from 12 to 50 different exercises, but unfortunately, once you’re through with those, there’s really no room left to grow.

The versatility of dumbbells, however, allows you to switch any overdone exercise with hundreds of other similar options that constantly challenge your muscles. With thousands to choose from, it’s virtually impossible for your muscles to get bored.

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